Colleges of Magic

Has there ever been any details published regarding the structure and details of the magical colleges in the Auran Empire, such as one that has taken the Collegiate Wizardry would have experienced?  I am curious on how they are setup, who do they accept/reject and what ages, what is tought (is it full magic focused, or is that just one of the many disciplines offered)?  What is the public perception of such an institute, and is there a singular college, or multiple spread across the land.  Are magic students paired up with leveled mages in a traditional apprentice-master manner, or does the school as a whole take the place of that relationship?

I've been wondering this, too. I've invented a couple of organized groups of mages for my own campaign's version of the Auran Empire campaign setting (the Eaters of Flesh and the Pattern Seekers) and I'm also using the one mentioned in official published materials (the Tower of Knowledge), but it'd be great to have some more information about organized mage groups.

I'm also interested in the structure of other class-related organisations in the setting, for that matter. There's questions about how various religious organisations are structured and function that the core rules don't answer, for instance.

Capital of the Borderlands describes the Tower of Knowledge from pages 145 - 159.

TL:DR is that The Tower of Knowledge is the main 'college' of the Empire; is divided into colleges that focus on different areas of magic (war, artifice, illusion, etc); has an interview and a waiting period to enter; allows mundane scholars to join as 'resident scholars; has no classrooms but has several large libraries divided by rank; operates for members with magic powers somewhere between a a professional guild and a religious order.