Coming Soon

We expect to have the PDF in your hands this weekend! The hard copies will then follow after printing, 4-6 weeks.

Question, I’ve looked on the site but my google-fu has abandoned me, is there anything I need to do after I’ve gone through PayPal to ‘upgrade’ from PDF-only Kickstarter to PDF+book?

Ataraxzy, I would make sure you sent enough to cover shipping costs. When I upgraded, that wasn’t included, so I sent an extra $10 to cover shipping.
Can’t wait for this weekend.

Good point Mike. I will do so.

I’m really pleased to see the amount of discussion that’s going on. I’m also happy to have the PDF of the ACKS core rulebook, but I have really only been able to skim the final product thus far, as I am somebody who has a hard time reading an entire book in PDF format. I need the print edition to really get rolling.
I know I’ve asked this before, but is there any update on when those print editions will arrive in our hands?

We expect that we will have them at Gary Con this weekend, and that they will be reaching you in the next week or two!

I would love a hard copy! How does one go about getting one, as I’ve only seen the pdf available for order thus far.

If you follow the Buy Now link on the Autarch page it takes you to GameSalute, their order outlet. Beyond that you have to wait until it comes out in stores; it only recently finished its Kickstarter really.