Coming Soon

In case folks are reading the forums but not the Kickstarter updates, we are currently doing layout of the ACKS core book, which means PDFs within the first two weeks of December and softcover/hardbacks shortly after (due to printing time, probably softcover first).
Thanks to everyone for all the help getting us to this point!

Excellent! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Awesome!! I just pre-ordered. I’m one of MichaelPfaff’s players and like many of the people here I cannot wait to get my hands on the goodness that is ACKS. Thanks so much for doing this.

Any update on the release date?

So excited for this. Can’t wait.

We are doing a final round of proofreading using the PDF, and also need to finalize the back cover, the credits page, and some of the other stuff actual books have. We’ll keep the updates coming as this final milestone draws near!

The pdf sure would be nice to have while I’m off next week. nudge, nudge :wink:

So… how close to completion is ACKS at the moment?

It’s 99% done:

  1. All art is complete
  2. All writing and editing is complete
  3. All typesetting is complete
    What’s still being worked on:
  4. Auto-indexing to hyperlink the PDF
  5. Creating an index of key terms
  6. Adding bar codes and product numbers to the cover
  7. Copy for the back cover

Incidentally, we have not allowed the time spent in art and production to sit idle. The Player’s Companion text has received substantial attention, as has Domains at War. We expect to kickstart and release those products early in the New Year.

Thanks for the update! I can’t wait to see the new products!

Thanks for the update, Alex.

Yup. Thanks for the update! Excited to hear this thing is so close to release.

holds breath

I have heard the PDF mentioned several times. Will the PDF be a separate purchase or will hard and soft cover pre-orders include the PDF as well?

I know that Kickstarter backers of a certain level were PDF-only. However, I’m not seeing a PDF-only purchase plan on the main site.

From the Blog:
The fully-featured PDF will be available for $9.99 at in Q1 2012

Can’t wait. Must Have. My precious, new and shiny ACKS-hardcover. I will wear my ACKS-shirt when reading this beasty ups beauty …

Thanks Sean.

Is soon well defined yet?