Commissioning Non-Constructed Items

How does commissioning things like herbs (which are not actually constructed, but found) work? Does it still follow the 5gp per day rule? Does this just represent the time to go out and find it in nature?
Or, can this stuff not be commissioned?

That would just represent the time to go out and find it in nature, have it shipped in via a chandler, etc.

Exactly what I was thinking. Just wanted to confirm.

Damn. Animals take 1gp per day to train. That means a light warhorse takes 150 days or roughly 5 months?

Yes. It historically took a LONG time to train any type of warhorse. 1gp per day is, if anything, generous.
Hollywood often shows the hero taming the horse with one firm ride, but that’s simply not reality. Bucephalus, whom Alexander famously “tamed” as a young man, was 12 years old at the time that Alexander first rode, with hundreds of hours of military training. Breaking a horse can be the work of a day, but training it for war is the work of seasons.
The Spanish Riding School (, which is the closest we have to war horse training today, requires 2-3 months of training before the horse is even ridden. A second stage of “campaign” training follows after a year, and lasts for 2-3 years. Finally the last stage of training takes another 1-2 years.

Right on. :slight_smile: