Concerns About the Elven Enchanter (and a tiny typo)

While the following is purely personal preference (and will likely be the rule in any campaign I run), I thought it might merit a discussion here…
I confess that I am something of an elf fanboy (and I love the Spellsword - the recreation of the original Elf class). However, I don’t know if I care for the Elven Enchanter. I like the idea, followed by both the Spellsword and the Nightblade (and the new Ranger and Courtier), that elves, while almost always magical (even if just a little), could never master magic to the extent that a human mage could. I think the Elven Enchanter breaks that “specialness” (of humans). The way the system is set up, if you hit 11th level as an arcane caster, you get spells through level 9 and the ability to make any magical item. I think the Elf Value should include a built-in limitation that the arcane caster level can never be higher than 10th and the Elven Enchanter should be modified to move 1 point of Arcane Value to Thievery Value for more natural spell-like abilities (like the Warlock - which also doesn’t make it to caster level 11 and can only accomplish level 11+ effects in its narrow speciality necromancy) to keep it from reaching 11th level as a caster.
What do people think? I am nuts?
Also, the Elven Enchanter saving throw chart (top of page 18) should have the last row “levels 13-14” removed.

I have to say I disagree entirely. In my view Elves have a history of magic and great works of magic which I can’ reconcile with your view.
Great thing about this game though, really simple for you to house rule it the way you want it to be :slight_smile:

Yeah…no. I disagree. I understand your concern but feel that xp cost and advancement rates compensate the mage enough. I like the Elven Enchanter. But ymmv of course.