Conscripts from urban population?

Working on a project, had a brainfarty sort of question:

Conscription (D@W:C, p14) specifically mentions peasant families, which I’ve taken to be a keyword for families out in the realm, not in urban settlements.

I am under the impression that means that urban families are left out of conscription or militia efforts - yes? (and they’re assumed, as a population, to be something more than Joe Farmer, Peasant-At-Large)


I am not an autarch,

but I can’t see anything in the book to support this division. I think all the families in your domain are eligible for militia.

Could also be that city-slickers and skilled tradesmen make lousy soldiers.

The rules are not well-written in this regard, for which I apologize, because of the uncertainty of the phrase “peasant family”.

A ruler can conscript and draw militia from urban families.

Thanks! I’d forged ahead including the urban pop. on Susan’s reply; I appreciate the official response.

I’d been converting something over to D@W/ACKS, and I went all “buh-whaa?” because I’d managed (evidently for the first time) to make a realm where the largest settlement was larger than the realm ruler’s personal domain. (due to mangling population density/advanced urban/centralized settlement, not size of domain, in which I’ve evidently never done anything above the Duchy level)