Contributor/Playtester access

Just a clarification for those of us who are new here… as contributors, do we also get to help with playtesting and such? I’ve noticed there are a couple of things going on and I’d love to help out more, but I only seem to have been able to get access to the Player’s Companion. (I’m particularly interested in Domains at War).

We’re still sorting out the transition from back when all we had was backers of the first ACKS Kickstarter who got the Domains at War draft as a bonus goal, the forums were private, and there was only one category of contributor.
Right now the full draft of Domains at War is just for those folks who got it as a bonus goal. However we have an eight page mass combat kernel that we are taking from D@W to add to the core ACKS rules in response to popular demand, and it would be great to get your playtesting and feedback on that. I’ll work on getting it up on the free downloads section soon!