Converting Coins & Banking

My players have a problem. Currently they’re lugging around about 30 pounds of coins, and that’s just going to get worse as they find more.

Their current base of operations is a rinky-dink Class VI village, and the closest “big city” that they know about is actually just a Class IV town.

So, there’s only so much they can buy…

My question is, what are their options for making that money more portable? Would money-changers exist in a Class VI market? Would they even be able to handle 10,000 GP worth of coin?

They could buy gems and jewelry, but there’s only 1 10GP gem in the entire town. Even if they buy one gem of each type, that’s still only a few handfuls of gems, leaving 9,800 coins in their purses.

Should they just dig a hole outside of town and bury their valuables there until they can get back to it?

Any suggestions?

This is exactly the sort of problem you want your players to have. This should motivate them to either:

1) Travel to a larger city where they can safely deposit their wealth with a bank or buy gems and jewelry; or

2) Establish a hideout where they can store their loot



Thanks. This is what the rules were telling me, but I wasn’t sure if I was missing anything.