Converting Monk and Mystic from PX1 Basic Psionics Handbook

So looking at the monk it has Hit Dice 0 (D4) and Fighting value 1b. This would have an XP cost of 500 leaving an XP of 1700 unaccounted for. Additionally, to get down to the extremely restricted weapon choices we'd have 4 custom powers (two to go from broad to broad to narrow, one to go from narrow to restricted and one to eliminate one fighting style), and perhaps another custom power since we are ditching 3 possible weapons and allowing only daggers. So the Mystic would have 5 custom powers. 

Maybe Defense and Attack modes cost 1/2 a custom power for classes with a psionic value? in which case the custom powers would cover the psionic attack defense modes, then we would assume a psionc value of 4 cost 1700 xp? does that seem fair? 

If we assume a descending progression of PSPs then if 5 is at value four then the monk would be at value 1 with 2 psp per level, and only one Chakra until level 7. Maybe the ability to gain additional chakras at higher level is a custom Power?

Actually 5 PSP would have to be at value three since the Mystic would need a fighting value of 1. So 5 psp would be at value 3 as would the standard progression of the mystic class. THis would mean tweaking the monk, also custom classes would be allowed to tradeoff shakras with maybe one for trading them off to be unlocked at higher level and and two if a shakra is actually banned. This way the monks custom powers could be bought with the fact that they only get the psychometabolic shakra until (I believe) 7th level. 

I don't have the supplement in question so I fear I cannot assist :(


I don't have the supplement in question so I fear I cannot assist :(


Secret Satan has gifted you one, maybe psionics will slip into an axioms :) Psionic war machines for DaW would be neat....

That could be arranged >.> (I mean, it’d still be up to Alex if it made it into Axioms, but it’s certainly createable! Although being me, having written Powers of the Mind and not having read the PX1 psionics book, I’d be much more likely to use PoTM as its base personally :p)

What would distinguish a psionic war machine from a magical one, though? There are, of course, effects that are more closely related to psionics than to magic (Soulcutter from the Books of Swords definitely sounds more like a psionic item), but there’s nothing preventing such items from being created with magic.

Here's some Proficiencies I knocked out awhile ago for that book:

Meditation: This ability allows a character to regain some spent psionic points. It requires one hour (6 turns) of uninterrupted meditation. At the end of this meditation, the character regains 1 PSP. A character may perform this ability once per day at level 1, and an additional time per day ever odd level thereafter up to 6 times a day maximum.

Chakra Mastery: The character specializes in a single chakra. The player picks a chakra. All powers from that chakra are performed as though the character were two levels higher than they actually are. If the character uses, any powers from that chakra that requires a saving throw, the target suffers a -2 to their saves.

Expanded Mind: The character chooses 4 Minor Devotions and adds them to their known devotions as though gained from leveling up. The game master has final say on these choices but may allow some from unknown chakras if they wish.

Enlightenment: The character chooses a single Major Science and adds it to their list of known sciences as though gained from leveling up. The game master has final say on these choices but may allow some from unknown chakras if they wish.

Psychic Warrior: The character chooses one attack mode and one defense mode. When using these modes, the cost is reduced by 1 PSP.

Brutal Mind: When using the Psychic Crush attack mode, the damage is increased to 1d6 per level of the psionic.

Mental Panoply (Monk Only): The character learns one attack mode and one defense mode.

Battle Mind: The psionic gains a +1 to initiative when using psionic powers or attack modes. In addition, the character is considered 2 levels higher for purposes of attack mode effects.

Aryxymaraki, I just bought your book and like it (didn't know there was already an ACKS psionics book). I would say though, that I don't really like the MAC and tangents stuff that much. Since I haven't tried it I don't have any meaningful criticism though. Maybe I'll try it first...

There are also optional rules included (pages 89-91 by page numbering, 94-96 by pdf numbering) for alternate methods of psionic combat.

Or if you like the psionic combat that just uses saves vs Death but not the ones that use the other methods, you could use the psionic tradeoffs system and give them an extra power or two, and have the classes only learn the attack and defense modes that use saving throws. (Or you could skip the ‘extra custom powers’ part of that and just strip out the ones that don’t use saving throws. It’ll still work well enough.)

Psionic combat was always going to be the most contentious part, so I tried to make sure there were options for everyone to massage it into some kind of framework that they’d like. I probably didn’t succeed completely, but that was a goal, at least.

Glad you like it overall, thanks! :slight_smile: