Core book reprint?


I have the two ACK books in PDF format. The PDFs are enough to make me want to run a game, but I don’t want to do that without physical copies. A search online has yielded nothing. Is there a plan to reprint the core book anytime soon?


You know, maybe I’m missing something, but there’s a “Buy Now” link right at the top of this page.

I checked that. The hardcover is sold out.

Noble Knight Games has hardcovers in stock:

I missed that, thanks!

Shows how well I read things.

Hmm. I might just buy a reprint if it had all of the errata corrected in it.

Still interested if a reprint is coming out tho…

The last I heard from Game Salute we had 300 copies left, which are unlikely to have all sold. I sent an email to look into it. The wise thing to do after that hardcover run is up would be to do a second POD printing, but we haven't decided. 

I didn’t buy my hardcovers… I am looking around to see if I find some but a reprint would be nice

Game Salute says that they froze the orders on their stock of hardcovers in order to make sure they had enough to fulfill orders on the Player's Companion backer rewards. I don't think this will be an issue and they should go on sale again at GS within the next week, but it couldn't hurt to write to asking them to put one on hold for you and contact you as soon as they're available to order again.

I’ll just point out that if you happen to be in Los Angeles, then Knight Ware in Studio City has 2 copies of the core book in stock.