Core classes via PC custom class rules

I’ve been trying to understand custom classes and I still have a few questions:

  1. Alex has said the Assassin if HD:1 Fighter: 2 and Thief: 1. He seems to trade one fighting style (weapon and shield) but gets nothing in return. Also, if he does get something I missed the power he traded it for.

  2. The Dwarven Craftpriest is supposed to be HD:1 Fight:1 Divine:2 and Dwarf:3 but I only see two bonus proficiencies: the journeyman level craft skill. What is the third.

  3. If the Elf is built on Elf 3 why does Elf 4 only pay for mage 4 and not mage 4 plus elf 0?

  1. The lack of shield fighting in ACKS is errata: see Alex’ post here.

  2. Theology. There’s no bold-faced call-out, but they have the benefits listed.

  3. No idea :slight_smile:

And now I am enlightened on 1&2. I swear I read craftpriest a dozen times and didn’t see the theology.

It’s also embarrassing I have a post right above Alex’s assassin errata. That said, it’s pretty tempting to trade it for alchemy 1 at first level. Even better, trade armor down two levels as well and get alchemy 3 at first level. If we could declare alchemy 2 enough to brew poisons only (reasonable IMHO) then the assassin could be a poison master.

As for #3, I suspected it was so the Elven Spell Slinger meets the B/X cost at HD1, F2, E4 for 500+1000+2500=4000 but it’s built as HD1,F2,A1,E3 (A1 + E3 = A4 + E in terms of abilities) 500+1000+(625-125)+2000=4000.

Nobirus gets a free race at No:1 but that looks like an error because it is restored at 2-4 (2-4 equal that level cleric plus No:0). The only class we have is built A:4 No:2 and costs out as expected.

I guess Elf 4 being all of 125xp less isn’t a huge deal. Over 8 levels it comes out to 15,875xp spread over 8 levels so it’s not a huge advantage, but it is three proficiencies worth. I suspect if I ever needed an Elf:4 I’ll errata it just like I would a Nobrian 1 but I have wondered.