Core Rules Bookmarks

Can anyone tell me if the current version of the core rules PDF contains similar bookmarks/outline to the player’s companion? I found a few threads talking about adding them but I don’t see anything confirming that this has been done.

Yes, that's been done.

If you got it from DriveThruRPG it's updated there, and on our downloads area if you were an ACKS Kickstarter backer and your account is registered as such (in which case this link will work for you). If you got it through Game Salute, you can request the update from them or send your receipt to and we'll fix you up with the latest version which has bookmarks and errata.

That’s great thanks!

Just a note about the bookmarks for the next version. In chapter 7, Strongholds and Domains is listed as a subsection of Magic Reseach.

I don’t know if anybody else has this problem, but when I first open the PDF, I can jump from bookmark to bookmark without a problem but as soon as I try to jump to a page number or just click the “next page” button, there’s this huge lag of about 7 to 10 seconds where the reader just locks up before it finally catches up to where I’m supposed to be.

This happens in various Adobe Readers and also EZPDF Reader for Android. It’s not the end of the world, but I thought I’d bring it to somebody’s attention.

I also get a significant pause the first time I change pages after opening the PDF. Of course, the same thing would happen in the old PDF, but was less obvious since, without bookmarks, you had to change pages immediately.

I think these problems are more to do with how pdf readers preload(or do not preload) the pages. I used to have a similar problem but recently upgraded to a new computer with a SSD, and since then all my pdfs load instantly.

Maybe, but this happens to me on every computer (new with SSD or old), tablet, etc that I run it on, and only on the ACKs core book (and I’ve got some hefty PDFs to compare it to).