Cost of stairs.

There’s a dungeon in our domain. It’s down a 400ft straight vertical drop we really don’t want to deal with that drop and I’m looking into how much it would cost to have a stairway built down winding around the hole. Anybody have any idea how to figure out the cost for that?

ACKS Core page 127:  Stone stairs, 3' by 10' costs 60 gp.

Given that you're building down from the top instead of up from the bottom (as it were), I would probably want to increase the cost in some way (maybe double or quadruple), to reflect the effort needed in bring workers and materials down a 400 foot vertical drop before getting to work.

Sorry I wasnt very clear weve been down before the only real way to do this is to carve them into the side of the hole. The dungeon entrance is not at the bottom its just a bridge of bone that goes over more emptiness. We dont know how far down it goes but we think its lava at the bottom. So we cant really drop the workers down first. The issue is figuring out the cost when its going back and forth down the side of the hole.

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Circle or square hole? What's the diameter or side length?

Carving a stairway out of stone shouldn't really be notable more expensive than carving a straight hallway out of stone. After all,stairs are not really much more than a hallway with regular drops in the floor...

Round hole and diameter is that of a Large stone tower.