[CR] Errata: Cone of Cold Missing

Perhaps not errata per se since none of the classes has that spell on its spell lists but:
Corerules: P.217 Staff of Power & P.128 Wand of Cold mention the Cone of Cold spell, but this spell can nowhere be found in the core rulebook (i know its in the player’s companion).
I would like to suggest to make the spell available to the public (for download), so that someone does not get the feeling to be forced to buy the PC to have a complete game…
just nitpicking… :wink:

Unless a terrible error has occurred, the exact effect is described in the Wand of Cold.

ups…yes effect if described there.
error lies with my eyes…sorry
delete thread… zaaap

Oh, hey. This reminds me: the spell indexes should list both normal an reversed ones. I have no idea how people find the reversed ones from paper copies unless they have prior knowledge of the pairing…