Creating Custom Races Question

Just recently getting into ACKS and I’m wanting to build my own race/classes for my campaign setting. I’m looking at Axiom 9 and the article Creating Custom Fantasy Races and have a question or two. Pretty sure I’ve got the basics figured out for the racial values of 0-4, but the step after that is confusing me. Step 7, in the article. To quote the bit I’m stuck on:

If the race’s racial value does not mimic a class category value (such as Dwarf), divide the Racial Value XP cost at Value 4 by the cost for Dwarf (1,400) and multiply the result by 10,000 for 2 class types and 30,000 for 2 class types. Round to the nearest 25,000. This is the additional cost per level after 8.

This step (or results of it) aren’t show in any of the example races in the article. I get that it’s for the xp cost of post-8th level characters, but I’m not sure what the 2 class types and 2 class types is all about.

I admit I’m jumping into this after only glancing at the class creation rules in the Players Handbook. Do I need to read those more carefully before tackling custom races? The Fantasy Races article does kind of feel like a modification to a bigger system than something that stands on its own.