Creating Magical Items & Special Components

We just had a Spellsword reach 5th level and start creating magical items from formulas and samples.

If a character is creating a magical item using a sample, and he gets to 50% of the work complete, and then learns of the special components (as the rules state on page 118) that requires adventuring time to get (say because the type of component is more expensive than the market allows), is all the work on that item lost? Or, can the Mage simply “pause” the work, go off to find the item, and then come back and complete it?

If magical research is interrupted like this, are there any negative side-effects?

My main concern is Mages losing their work after finding out the special component, which might require adventuring to find and use.

The mage can simply pause the work, go off find the item, and return to complete it.

That’s what I thought. Thanks!