"Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks" Kickstarter by Inkwell Ideas

Inkwell Ideas has a new Kickstarter, “Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks”. These are the guys behind Hexographer, Dungeonographer, DungeonMorph Dice & Cards, and many other cool products. I and some others have proposed ACKS as one of the systems supported for the stats on the backs of creature cards. There’s going to be a poll taken of the backers in the next few weeks, so if you’d like to see ACKS included, become a backer and give Joe your feedback.

Head on over to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inkwellideas/creature-and-encounter-rpg-card-decks

Thanks! I took a first stab at one creature card using ACKS stats. Here’s the link:
Goblin Shaman I haven’t had time to proofread them more than once, so if you notice any errors please let me know. One tweak suggested by someone was to more the artist name to the front side of the card to free up some space. Also, the whitish background for the column of stats on the back wide will likely be broken up so it looks like boxes. Each imaginary box’s size is still changing slightly as I test layout so I haven’t actually cut that column up yet.

I’ve been wanting to do a set of great looking monster cards since looking back at a set of Marvel Masterpieces (1992) trading cards.

I’ve paired that with a set of encounter cards… think of them as Mad Libs meet the Book of Lairs. Draw a card for an encounter outline, draw another card for a map and more cards for some other special features and you’ve got an interesting side trek or mini lair. (Each card has a mini adventure outline on one side and a map and a few other things (unusual treasure, plot hook, etc) on the other side.) Some sides of some maps will also connect to the DungeonMorph Cards we did last year. Use the monster cards to fill in some of the other encounter details or just use a random chart/list.

We’re going to make the cards in a few versions. In 2-3 weeks I’ll put all the nominated game systems in a poll and I’ll likely do the stats for any system that gets over 10 or 20 votes. (Not sure the exact threshold yet.) But even if we don’t do a particular system, there will be a system neutral set that has common facts & legends about each creature. Plus, the encounter card set(s) are also system neutral. (There may be a second encounter deck as a stretch goal just like there is a potential extra/4th creature deck as a stretch goal.)

Great stuff, Joe.

Given that they have HD 1+1, their XP should be 15 + 6 per special ability. Since the special ability is listed as Clerical abilities, and not just spell-casting, I’m not sure if that’s considered 6 for casting, and an additional 6 for each Clerical ability they gain depending on the level rolled, or if it’s just a flat extra 6 xp for the entirety of their Clerical aspect.

If there’s room in the body of text, it’d be cool to mention that if their chieftain is alive, they get +2 to morale rolls.

The text for the Basic Goblin at the bottom should be updated to: As stats to the left, except: AC 3, HD 1-1, Damage 1d6 or weapon, XP 5, no special abilities.

I agree that moving the artists name to the front is an excellent idea if you need the space. What does the P4 in the upper-right corner indicate?

I would think we need to add multiple +6’s right? Another way to sanity check it is to compare against another creature. 21 XP seems undervalued, right?

The p4 is he card number, where p is “preview” and 4 is just that the goblin shaman is the 4th of the preview cards. (For other games we’ve done several preview cards and I hope to add more for ACKS soon.)