Crossbreeding Inspiration


The Taranturaptor is awesome.


Personally, I tend to focus on cross-breeds that am relatively confident in my ability to control. Taranturaptor seems like it might be a bit more trouble than it’s worth (especially if they have huge egg-sacks producing large quantities of young). I found the piranaee quite fun, though.

Nonsense! Higher birthrate just means bigger hordes for your army. Besides, that thing must get at least 3 attacks (claw/claw/bite, possibly more claws), so between that and spider-climbing, it should serve as a pretty sick mount.

The ability to charge cavalry up walls would be invaluable in a siege, whether for attacker or defender. If it produces spider-silk, that could potentially be useful for protective garments, being both stronger and tougher than steel.

It all comes down to trainability…

I’d say claw/claw/bite normally, but with a leap attack that takes advantage of the large claws on its forelegs to replace the normal charge.

The cthulhuphant…I mean, cuttlephant…is rather frightening in appearance. I count 10 tentacles. Even if they were so weak they only did 1d2 damage, that’s a lot of attacks.

And as a Floridian, Piranhatees are horrifying.

That cuttlephant makes me want to cross an elephant with a carcass scavenger.

Another one!  Sorry if this has already been shared.  It's too perfect: