Custom Character Sheet

I’ve designed a character sheet for my campaign. I contains a few houserules, such as a simplified encumbrance system, extra options for light and heavy shields (including sacrificing shields) and special Language benefits.
Any thoughts?

However, I think it’s certainly useable for ‘vanilla’ ACKS. If enough people are interested, I’ll make a version without the houserules to share on the forums.

The sheet:

Full disclosure: I based the outline of the sheet on Maxwell Luther’s B/X style sheet. I just love that sheets’ old school feel.

Wow! I love this character sheet. It’s gorgeous. I would definitely be interested in seeing a vanilla version. We could share it in our downloads section.

With minor modifications (more Roman than Greek) this would be a fantastic style to use for the Auran Empire campaign setting.

Holy crap that’s pretty. Makes me wish my game was more Greek in flavor so I could use it without giving my players cognitive dissonance.

Next to the greek style houserule version, I now have a Roman style ‘vanilla’ version, and a cleaner, non-themed version. Obviously, I’d be more than happy to see them appear in the downloads section!



That is a thing of beauty.

Absolutely majestic!

Thank you both!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

If I might make two suggestion though:

  1. It would be really nice to still have the encumbrance stuff at the bottom of the equipment section fro the core ACKS sheets.
  2. You could replace the “Child” part of the title bar with a line for Son/Daughter, so as to get gender in there.

We are testing these out in play today!

Very nice.

Hello Pope Nag!
We have now put these playtest sheets into practice. We used the Roman style sheet for our game. Here is the feedback.

  1. Our group LOVED them. They immediately asked if these could be the new Official ACKS character sheets.

  2. The upper section “Chronicles of” is too cramped relative to what it is being used for. There’s not enough room for long class names and titles. Most starting PCs haven’t thought up who their parents are. The group would like it to say:
    THE CHRONICLES of [Character Name], of [Birthplace], [Class] AND [Title].

  3. We did not understand what “Attack Bonus for Fighters” was intended to represent in the Weapon rows. It seems like it should be “Attribute Bonus”, “Weapon Bonus” “Other Bonus” “Total”.

  4. On the back of the sheet, Proficiencies should receive more space while Class Abilities receive less.

  5. On the back of the sheet, the lines for Specialty Skills are too short. We recommend having the Specialty Skills run vertically with _____ [SYMBOL] per line.

  6. On the back of the sheet, Spells Known/In Book is too small for any practical handwriting to fit the spell names in, and #Cast is irrelevant to standard ACKS with freecasting. We thought a smaller area that instead has the Spells per Day available would work better instead, with separate sheets for Spells in the Repertoire.

On that note, I’d like to commission you to create official ACKS character sheets. Can we talk about that on email?!

Thanks for all the kind words. Our group did some more testing of our own, which confirmed some of your (Alex’) comments (especially the special abilities comment, although I’m stil happy with the idea of combining thief skills and turning like this), and among other things also showed that I had completely missed putting in Alignment. Doh!

The attack bonus for fighters is actually the DAMAGE bonus for fighters. In play, I noticed our fighters routinely forgot about that bonus. I tried to remedy that by including it on the sheet.

And yes, we can certainly talk about ACKS sheets over the e-mail. Cool!
I’ll send you and email shortly.

I love these!

I do wish there were more room for class abilities and proficiencies. I know core classes tend to not have a lot of abilities, but custom ones can end up with a few (especially if non-human). Add to that big hand writing and, well, more space is always appreciated!

Otherwise just freaking gorgeous!

I ran into the same issues as I do when designing ‘real’ forms. You need space to ‘guide’ a user through the form, but at the same time, that space is needed to actually write something on the form… It’s a balancing act.

I’ll update them again soonish, and I’ll certainly make more room for a few things.

Personally, when a class has a LOT of abilities, I tend to write a character cheat sheet on a seperate piece of paper. You can only cram so much in on a character sheet, even if your handwriting is small.

Updated versions now finished!

Houserule version:



I love these sheets! My only suggestion would be that I’d like to see the encumbrance “bubble chart” from the Dawn of Kings sheet on the other versions as well - having bubbles to fill in for encumbrance, with a quick reference for the encumbrance rules on the sheet, is brilliant!

I’ll make a bubble version for you, then. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Right! ‘bubble’ versions for the esteemed DDogwood! (and any other interested people, obviously)


I concur. The bubble version is superior.

Actually now I wonder if one couldn’t do even more of that sort of thing, showing how the sheet is supposed to be filled out. I’ll follow up with you over email.