Custom class: archer

i have the idea of making some fighter variants that remain generic in fluff so they can be used for henchmen when they achive level 1, this is my first fighter variant for dexterous NPCs: the archer

HD 1 = d6 (500xp)
Fighting 2 (1000xp) + (300xp)
Armor=Chain mail or lighter (+1 custom power)
Only missile bonus damage (+1 custom power)
Thief 1 (200xp)
+3 custom powers

Precise shot
Accuracy (+1 missile attack)
Fighting style Missile weapons
Deadly shot (+1 damage with missile weapons) (missile weapons gain +1 cleave potential)

level 5
Battlefield prowess
Weapon focus (bow/crossbow or sling/throw weapons)

Level 9

Xp cost: 2000xp (same as fighter)

at level 1 they get +2 to attack throws whit missile weapons, +1 damage whit missile and a free Precise shot, so they will hit at -2 against engaged opponents an at +2 agains unengaged.
they are similar to explorers in a way, but whitout the specific wildernes survivor fluff, and therefore more apropiate for military archers or generic mercenary archers.

critics are welcome, sorry for my english, i am from argentina.

Nice concept…I appreciate your posting this.

I like how the framework ends up with the same XP as a Fighter.

I may be missing some things, but I think this needs a little polishing. The class begins with five powers. I see four at level 1 and one at level 5(?). Maybe something unspecified at 9? Deadly Shot is a custom power? It may be worth 1.5 powers or more. You should specify the class proficiencies. If Fighting Style and/or Weapon Focus are among those proficiencies, it would be good to clarify whether they can be taken in addition to the class-provided versions or not. (The ability to overspecialize can be problematic to balance; see 3.5/Pathfinder.)

Also, the core classes like Fighter are very broad. I would broaden this class a bit to encompass “light” fighter concepts other than archers. Not related to light fighters, but see this class for an example of how to support multiple concepts with one framework:

Finally, these classes may provide some grist for your mill:

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback, here i make some modifications:

to make this more of a skirmish fighter i keep the melee weapon damage and took away the fighting style “two weapons”, so now the skirmisher can hit hard in melee to.

you gain deadly shot at level 9, where you can enjoy the +1 potential cleave a lot more. i dont know if it should cost more than 1 power, and in that case i feel more on the side of taking away the damage bonus.

still working whit the proficency list: right now includes running, skirmisher, riding, weapon finess, precise shooting (for thaking a second and a third time), manual of arms, milatary strategy, siege engineering, command, fighting style (for other fighting styles)…

so this will be the new archer/skirmisher:

HD 1 = d6 (500xp)
Fighting 2 (1000xp) + (300xp)
Armor=Chain mail or lighter (+1 custom power)
only two fighting styles: two handed weapons and weapon and shield (+1 custom power)
Thief 1 (200xp)
+3 custom powers

At level 1 you have
*Precise shot
*Accuracy (+1 missile attack)
*Fighting style Missile weapons (you can not take this fighting style again as a proficiency, but you can take other Fighting styles)
*Weapon focus (bow/crossbow or sling/throw weapons)

*At level 5 you have “Battlefield prowess”, and at level 9 you become a Deadly shot doing +1 damage with missile weapons and your missile weapons gain +1 cleave, so your maximum cleave with crossbows will be 3, with longbows will be 4 and with composite bows becomes 5.

the idea is give a level 1 character with all you need for range fighting, and then let you take the proficiencyes you want to personalasing it.

nice one