[Custom Class] Collector

Collectors are adventurers driven by a focused need to posses unique things. This obsession manifests differently in each collector, as diverse as the sort of things that collectors seek out. Art, magic items, hidden knowledge, cultural artifacts, living things, and much more has been gathered and catalogued by collectors of the past, yet so much more remains unearthed for collectors of the future to discover.

Collector templates include: ● Antiquarian ● Spell Keeper ● Cartographer ● Zoologist ● Gossipmonger ● Game Hunter ● Monster Wrangler ● Raider ● Grave Robber ● Heistman ● Slaver ● Chronicler ● Librarian ● Plunderer ● Anthropologist ● Broker of Souls ● Agent/Spy ● Gemologist ● Jeweler ● Numismatist ● Botanist ● Polyamorist

My first go at a custom class, with warm thanks for input from CharlesDM.

PDF: http://db.tt/ZEnFZk81

Feedback is welcome, especially regarding possible equipment for the templates and winnowing down extraneous templates. Cheers. :slight_smile: