Custom Class Creation - Loremaster

Inspired by Radioactive Ape Colin’s Build-an-Anti-Paladin post (, I decided to take a shot at class creation. I specifically made the “Loremaster” for my friend Ziggy, who likes this kind of class.
So let’s begin…
I want to make a class that can cast both arcane and divine spells. 3rd Edition had a prestige class like this called “Mystic Theurge.” 2nd Edition had a half-elf mage/proest kit called the “Arcanist.” I don’t like either of those names. I debate upon “scholar,” but that sounds boring. I’m going to call this class “Loremaster.”
The loremaster studies magic in all its forms, and delves deep into the forgotten history of the world. He doesn’t usually (usually) explore “Things man was not meant to know” or other blasphemous lore. Most loremasters work with the church of the god of knowledge and/or magic.
So let’s get building…
Right away, I want the loremaster to be equally good at both arcane and divine magic. Divine 1 lets him operate as 1/2 cleric. Arcane 2 lets him operate as 1/2 mage. That works for me. He’s not ever going to be as powerful as a full-blown mage or cleric, but the loremaster’s going to be nicely versatile.
I don’t care about thief skills for the loremaster, so Thief gets 0.
The loremaster isn’t a big combatant, either, so he gets 0 for Hit Points as well. He’ll use a d4 for HP. I want him to give him some edge, though, so I give him 1b for Fighting, like a thief. I’m going to trade down his Broad weapon selection to Narrow for 2 custom powers.
So far we have this…
Hit Points: 0
Fighting: 1(b)
Thief: 0
Arcane: 2
Total: 4
Looks good so far. Let’s get to some fine tuning.
My loremaster has a Narrow armor selection, which means he can wear leather armor or lighter. I bought his weapon selection down to Narrow, which means I get two narrow categories. I’m going to give him option (viii) and chose the classic mage weapons of dagger and staff, as well as shortsword. I also chose (ii) and give him access to all bows and crossbows. I make this decision partially because this will let my low HP spellcaster contribute to a fight from a safe distance, but mostly because the alchemist/sorcerer example PC in the “Barbarians of Lemuria” RPG used a bow, and I thought it was cool.
He gets two fighting styles. I select Two-Handed and Two-Weapons, making him nicely different from both the mage and the cleric.
I have two custom powers waiting for me. I’m going to give him some abilities to help him unravel the lost secrets of the world. “Loremastery” is an obvious choice, so he’s getting that.
I also give him the ability to cast “Read Language” at will with a casting time of one turn. This is a divine gift of comprehension granted to the loremaster by the God of Knowledge.
((Note: I had debated rejiggering things, swapping Fighter 1 for Thief 1 so the loremaster would have the Thief’s Read Language ability, but I liked how his weapon and armor choices make him different from other spellcasters, so I went with the at-will “Read Language” instead.))
Time to add up my loremaster’s XP cost.
Hit Dice value 0 = 0xp
Fighting 1 = 500xp
Thief 0 = 0xp
Divine 1 = 250xp
Arcane 2 = 1250xp
Total = 2000xp (nice!)
So, let’s start to wrap things up.
Prime Req: INT
Hit Die: d4 (+1 HP after 9th level)
Fights as: Cleric (+2 every 4 levels)
Saves as: Mage
Allowed Weapons: Staff, shortsword, dagger, all bows/crossbows
Allowed Armor: Leather or lighter, no shield
Fighting Syles: Two-Handed, Two Weapons
Proficiencies: Alchemy, Alertness, Apostasy, Battle Magic, Beast Friendship, Collegiate Wizardry, Contemplation, Diplomacy, Divine Blessing, Elementalism, Elven Bloodline, Engineering, Familiar, Illusion Resistance, Knowledge, Language, Magical Engineering, Mystic Aura, Prestidigitation, Profession (Scribe), Profession (Librarian), Righteous Turning, Sensing Evil, Sensing Power, Soothsaying, Theology, Transmogricifaction, Unflappable Casting
Casts spells, researches magic, and turns undead as a Cleirc equal to 1/2 his class level, rounded up.
Casts spells and researches as a Mage equal to 1/2 his class level, rounded up.
My loremaster’s divine spell list will have 5 spells per spell level. Most of his divine spells will revolve around divination and protection. I’m going to try and avoid spells that he can get thru arcane casting (detect magic, light, etc.). I’ll come up with the other levels later, but his 1st level repertoire will include:

  1. Command Word
  2. Cure Light Wounds
  3. Detect Evil
  4. Predict Weather
  5. Sanctuary
    At ninth level, my loremaster can build a Library (with Dungeon/Lab) which will attract 1d6 1st level Loremaster apprentices and 2d6 0-level hopefuls.
    I welcome all y’all’s feedback!
    My next attempt will be a Marshal/Warlord/Captain hack.

Also… I considered adding Black Lore of Zahar to the Proficiency list, but since a chaotic Loremaster could already command undead as 1/2 a cleric, I couldn’t rectify including the proficiency. I might try and work up a “Death Magic” proficiency that grants the other bonuses of Black Lore.

Nice work-up! Thanks for sharing it.

Good work, mate, I like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks gang!
The one point that kind of bothers me is that the Loremaster cannot use priestly magical items.
I considered hacking the “Arcane Dabbling” proficiency for a custom power that lets the Loremaster use clerical items (I’d trade in two-weapon fighting). This would still require him to make a throw (18+, reduced by 2 per level)
Do you think spending two custom power lots would be sufficient to allow a class access to another classes magic items without making a throw?

I’d certainly say it’s sufficient.

I thought as much too. I may or may not end up reducing the LM’s armor options to hide or less (I really like his weapon options) and get rid of two-weapon fighting to pay for it.
Now it’s my turn to be out of town for a couple days for a funeral, so I’ll mull it over.

Work continues! Regarding clerical item use, I’ve decided to remove the loremaster’s “Two Weapons” fighting style and cash it in for a modified version of Arcane Dabbling as a class feature.
A loremaster’s exhaustive research lets him use any magic item usable by mages. He may also attempt to use magic items usable by clerics. However, since he lacks the pure, dedicated devotion of a cleric or priestess, he is not always successful in these attempts. At level 1 the loremaster must make a throw at 18+ or the attempt backfires. This throw is reduced by 2 per level, to a minimum of 3+.
I’ve also settled on level titles:

  1. Student
  2. Researcher
  3. Librarian
  4. Professor
  5. Loreseeker
  6. Lorefinder
  7. Lorekeeper
  8. Loremaster
  9. Sage
  10. Sage, Level 10
  11. Sage, Level 11
  12. Sage, Level 12
  13. Sage, Level 13
  14. Sage Lord
    And finally, I have his complete Divine spell list:
    LEVEL 1
    Command Word
    Cure Light Wounds
    Detect Evil
    Fellowship (replacing Predict Weather from the original list)
    LEVEL 2
    Charm Animal
    Find Traps
    Hold Person
    Speak with Animals
    LEVEL 3
    Cure Moderate Wounds
    Glyph of Warding
    Locate Object
    Remove Curse
    Speak With Dead
    LEVEL 4
    Cure Serious Wounds
    Dispel Magic
    Next up… Templates!