(custom class) The Battlemage

The battlemage is an arcane caster trained for military operations. is proficent in the use of heavy armor and the use of a small group of weapons: the crossbow and bow to fight at range when magic is not an option, and in the use of spear and shiel to fight in the second row after the spells are used. his military training allows him attack when his spells are interrupted (unflappable casting)

Fighting 1 (cleric) (tradeoff only one fighting style: weapon + shield)
Arcane 3 (⅔ mage)

Requisites: int and con

*Full armor
Class power: unflappable casting.

Alchemy, Battle magic, Black lore of zahar, Collegiate Wizardry, Contemplation, Combat trickery (disarm, force back, knock down, overrun, sunder), Command, Elementalism, Familiar, Fighting style, Leadership, Loremastery, Magical Engineering, Precise Shooting, Weapon Focus, Intimidation, Manual of Arms, Military Strategy, Healing, Sensing power, Siege Engineering, Transmogrification, Quiet Magic, Soothsaying.

I like it. “A spellsword for the rest of us!”

in fact thats the idea, specialy since i am considering making my next campaing demi-human free.

you can always reflavor the demihumans as other kinds of humans. After all, the dwarves have often served as analogs for other cultures or countries in some works. And the Autarch himself has said elves in the auran empire setting are similar to the celts of actual history.