(Custom class) the dungeon-raider

The dungeon-raider, an adventurer focused in dungeon survival. Later it develops abilities related to the secret lore that can be found in dungeons. it can be used as an alternative to fighter for henchmen that get to level 1 during adventuring.

Fighting 2 (1000xp) (+300xp)
1 trade off (armor unrestricted to broad)
1 trade off (weapons unrestricted to broad) (iv) any swords, daggers, spears,
and polearms; (v) all missile weapons
HD 1 (500xp)
Thievery 1 (200xp)

Requisite: Con

1 skill for 2 at level 7

Level 1: find traps
Level 1: open locks
Level 7: Read Languages
Level 7: Read and Cast Magic Scrolls.

Custom powers:
Adventurers luck (divine blessing)
Savage resilience

Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Alertness, Arcane Dabbling, Blind Fighting, Caving, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (force back, knock down, overrun, sunder, wrestle), Climbing, Dungeon Bashing, Eavesdropping, Healing, Knowledge, Precise Shooting, Running, Skirmishing, Swashbuckling, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus, Land Surveying, Mapping, Mountaineering, Lockpicking, Trap Finding, Loremastery,

I love it. I definitely know that my players would have some of their henchmen go this route.

thanks! having feedback by the game creator for my houserules is a major benefit of playing AKCS.