(Custom Class) Visionary

This is a class based on the old Cartoon from the 80s (1987). It’s a first pass and kind of rough in places, but I’m just looking for some opinion on it.

Mainly I’m looking for some critiques on the new spells, and on the Enchanted Armor they get. I’ve been juggling between keeping it as an item they get at the start, or making it an ability inherent to the class itself. The former gives a nice power-gating to the class, requiring them to choose between a class power or having better armor, while also giving some other classes a chance at using that power, or just making it a custom power they have and opening up their options (but I feel this pushes them closer to the fighter without any real draw backs).

I also can’t find any guidelines on making new spells like Divination or Contact Other Plane… etc etc, as I’d like to make those spells similar but different (In the show, Wisdom often gave cryptic, if snarky, advice to the user, while Knowledge allowed the user to ask a few questions and get completely factual answers in return (assuming that knowledge was knowable)).

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the class.


And here’s a link to the intro to the show for anyone curious/interested. It’s a bizarre mash-up of Technological Post-Apocalypse and Fantasy.


I don’t recognize the show its based on, but I recommend not tying the ability to the armor. What happens when they find better armor? They are penalized by the loss of a class ability.

Also when they die, someone else in the party gets a new ability potentially.