Custom Magic Type: Technic

This is an experiment using the Custom Magic Type design rules from Axioms #1, to represent a form of magic that's really super-technology derived from a crashed starship.

Technic Magic

Source Factors: Blast 1.0; Death 2.0; Detection 1.25; Enchantment 1.3; Healing 1.0; Illusion 1.0; Movement 1.0; Protection 1.0; Summoning 1.45; Transmogrification 1.0; Wall 1.0

Spell Progression: Alternative

Spell Repertoire: Inherited

Two classes using this magic type exist in the lands of Vargaard, both hailing from the city-state of Shin Nagasaki, an outpost of the distant Hinomoto Shogunate. The better known are the Technos (or Gomi Nezumi/Junk Rats), a Technic 2/Fighting 1/Thievery 1 custom class. The Technopriests (or Soju-shi/Helmsmen) are a Technic 4 custom class with a code of behavior derived partially from Shinto purification rituals and partly from technological superstitions.

Full classes and spell lists to follow later.


Technic....has someone been reading R. Scott Bakker?

No, but I might give him a look now. I was taking inspiration from Poul Anderson's Technic Civilization stories, as well as Japanese video games like Phantasy Star.