So I just finished reading the section on damage, death and dying, and messing with mortality. Wow, those are some great rules/mechanics. I just love the flavor they lend to the world. Such a nice change from the super gamey feel of the 4E 0HP rules (which are fine for what they are). Anyway, more kudos on a very cool system.


I have a special soft spot for that section because it was hashed out during the first weekend that we all got together in person. Until then Alex and I both knew and played with Greg but hadn't met. Lots of ACKS got done during endless email exchanges and forum discussions, but everything from the discussion of why it was necessary to keep consequences from death and dying meaningful through all levels of play to sitting down and coming up with the effects on the charts happened over a couple of days of play and conversation.

Tavis is being far too modest. That section was definitely his brainchild and he deserves big kudos for it!

Yeah, those tables are super-boss. Excellent work!