Dealing with rules and new players?

Looking to finally be running my first ACKS game, with a full set of new players… but as far as I know, none of them have any of the books. While the core book has a rather nice SRD made up for it, is there a good way to implement other rules from D@W, Axioms, etc in a way the players are on the same page with what’s going on? It’ll be an online game, so I can’t just turn the laptop around and show them my PDFs…

Have other judges run into this issue? What recommendations do you have?

In my experience, most players don’t need or want to know all of the math and rules that’s resolving what they do.

They just want to know what their options are and some basic idea of what will happen when they do things.

So I make player handouts with the basic stuff they need to know, and make sure I mention to them that they can do various things. Like when the cleric decides to heal a beggar, I’ll make sure to remind them that they can use charitable castings to build a congregation. Or when the fighter complains about their low HP and says it would be great to have more healing potions, I’ll point out that [at 5th level or higher] the casters can make those. Or when they talk about hunting down monsters, I’ll bring up special components. I rarely find players care about the exact math of how the special components were determined or how fast their congregation grows, they just want to tell me what they’re doing and let me do the rest.

On the occasions where players do actually care about those things, I find that they’ll pick up the books/rules themselves and I don’t need to tell them about it.