Demographic Calculations

Apologies if this has been asked before-- is there any resource that breaks down exactly how the various numbers in realm creation are calculated? Alternately, is there anywhere that goes into more detail on how to create your own realm from the ground up, building on the core rulebook? I’m working through realm creation from the book and running into some sticking points.

Mostly I’m confused as to how the number of domains in a realm is calculated, or where those numbers come from. From there the calculations of revenue are mysterious to me-- they seem to be based on number of domains? It doesn’t help that the example, about Exarch Lazar, refers to a number (7,776) that I can’t find anywhere. So if I have a kingdom of about 1.2 million families, how do I calculate its revenue? Who gets this money?

Another way of looking at it is to say, should I be starting at the top and working down, or starting by the smallest divisions and working up?

I have a few other questions but this is basically the main one. Any help working these things through would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

The 7776 is the maximum number of baronies in a kingdom, from the final column of the Political Divisions of Realms table in the kingdom row. Although… that’s kind of confusing, since it’s greater than the max number of six-mile hexes in a kingdom from the Realms by Type table, so some barons rule less than a hex? I guess that matches with barony size in square miles from Realms by Type.

You could take the kingdom max revenue entry in Revenue by Realm Type and multiply it by 1.2M / max kingdom population to get a rough income estimate for such a kingdom, and the same for urban income. As for who gets the money… the king, probably?

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but shouldn’t that calculation use 9,331, instead of 7,776, as that is the maximum number of domains? Otherwise, wouldn’t he be ignoring the income from up to 187,500 peasants? (ie the peasants in the direct domains of every lord above the rank of Baron)

While the maximum number of baronies in a kingdom is 7,776, in that max-sized kingdom, there are also 1,296 Marcher Dukes, 216 Counts, 36 Dukes and 6 Princes, that this method doesn’t appear to take into account.