Detecting Enemies and Permanency

Hello all,

My party recently had the good fortune to find a Wand of Detecting Enemies, but we have a couple of questions about how it’s supposed to work.

First, we have interpreted the text as meaning that enemies can be detected through walls / ignoring line of sight, out to the range of the spell. Is this correct?

Second, the party wizard recently found a Scroll of Permanency, and wants to do spell research to create the spell Detect Enemies, acting as the wand’s effect, which he would then permanentize on himself. I expected Detect Enemies to be in the ACKSPC, given that there were a host of other detection spells, but did not find it. What would be a reasonable base cost of “detect creatures with hostile intent” in the spell creation rules?

Yes, Detect Enemies will detect enemies that are outside line of sight. Enemies that are inside line of sight usually are less difficult to detect, after all!

I didn't create a separate spell for Detect Enemies because it is more-or-less Detect Evil; evil in ACKS is relative to the creature's intent towards you.