So I just got the e-mail related to the survey about which version I want to get in hardback. I’m kind of still not totally sure which I should get. Mostly the issue is that I’m not much of an old school player so I don’t really know off-hand what the differences are between AvCK and LL are. I don’t currently play either one but at some point I’m likely to pick up one or the other to play through at lest some of Dwimmermount. I’ll get PDF’s of both of course, but the hardback will be my main reference and I’m honestly not sure how different they’ll be. Will the amounts of treasure be radically different? Or will both be fairly simple and the AvCK version will simply have some additional information? I had hoped the forums here would tell me but without more familiarity with the systems I haven’t quite been able to make heads or tails of the posts here. (Though since I already have AvCK and it sounds interesting to me I’m leaning board that version for the hardback but still… unsure if I’d be better off with a more “basic” LL version which I could more easily just adjust with the PDF version of the AvCK version).

The goal is to keep both simple, but as you say to provide some additional information for ACKS. I am thinking that this will include:

- descriptions of the tribal units that monsters like the kobolds on level 1 belong to

- variable ranges for treasures, with both the average for that range (calculated to make the ACKS treasure assumptions work out) and the "canonical" value (James' original, so that you can run it as is)

- rules for selling Thulian artifacts in the different markets in the area

- descriptions of the Fortress of Muntsburg and its trade routes with the other markets in ACKS terms