Divine Confusion

For a custom class, I want a near-duplicate of the Confusion spell (Arcane 4) for divine casters. There are a number of ways you can turn the dials- many of them result in a lower level spell than the original, which I don’t want. In short, I’m aiming for a level5 divine spell, and to maintain most of the characteristics I think the ideal spot to fiddle is number of targets.

Because the level is one higher, but a divine source for confusion is a x1.5 multiplier, the modifier for the target needs to be approximately x3. 3d6 creatures is x5; 1d4 creatures is x1.5. I might have pegged x3 at 2d8, but some of the other multipliers suggest an equivalence of 2d8 and 3d6 for estimating spell power. So I’m thinking divine confusion is Divine 5, affects 2d6 creatures, otherwise identical to the arcane 4 spell of the same name. Does that sound about right?

Charlatan, your analysis seems solid to me. 

Excellent, thanks, Alex.