Divine spells -- Some questions

Hello Everyone,
I was looking over the spells for the cleric in version 1e of ACKs and it seems that Sleep and Ventriloquism have been added to the list. However the spells are only labeled as being Arcane 1 only in their descriptions. I was wondering if there might be a mistake. Are the spells usable by clerics and mages both?
Thanks for your time

Both spells are mage spells by tradition. Clerics never had them - if I remember correctly. So my guess: description is right and list is wrong.

Oh, shoot. There are only supposed to be 10 spells in the Cleric list. At each level, #11 and #12 are in error.
EDIT: It looks like we got this fixed in time to go to print corrected. PHEW!

That is indeed a relief. I was worried for a minute there! Nice catch, Jester.

We got this fixed. A new version of the PDF has been uploaded. The responsible parties have been crucified and their families indentured to service for the Empire.