Do henchmen get a cut of Mercantile Ventures?

Hey all, quick question as see in the title: Do henchmen get a cut of the profits of Mercantile Ventures? Reading the book, they get an *XP* share of 50% of the profits, but as far as I can tell, they don't seem to get a cut of the actual profit unless they also were an investor (at which point they'd get a share equal to the PC's). 

Also, does their monthly wage count against the profits of the Venture? Logically they're just better mercenaries so it would make sense to me personally. 

Hoping for a response, thanks all.

I would apply their monthly wage against the costs of the Venture, yes, at least pro rata. (E.g. if they get paid a monthly wage but the Venture is a one-week trip, just apply 1/4 of their cost).

They do not get a share of the Venture unless the player character and henchman negotiated for that. Any deal terms are possible. The ones in ACKS are just standard/generic.


I imagine it will be more a question of whether that PC wants that henchman to level up. making them a partner gives them a crack at mercantile XP, whereas just paying their monthly wages saves all the XP for the PC.