Do You Want "In" on Domains at War?

Due to some financial vagaries, a CENTURION backer and CENTURION PHALANX backer would like to exchange their pledges with someone else.

CENTURION: Complete Domains at War Set. You’ll get everything you need to wage war: two 24" by 32" hex battle maps, twelve full-color counter/token sheets, and the D@W: Campaigns and D@W: Battles softcovers. You’ll also get all the electronic rewards. $65

CENTURION PHALANX: Signed Hardcover and Hex Booklet. You’ll get the softcovers, poster map, and counters (the Complete Set) along with a signed hardcover book for your shelf and an Albatross hex notebook for mapping your campaigns, plus all the electronic rewards listed above. $125

Please let me know if you are interested. Contact me here or at alex at autarch dot co. Thanks!

I’m interested in the Centurion.

I’ve been emailed and these opportunities are gone. Thank you!