Does anyone have a GM screen / reference tables made up?

Title says it all.
First game is scheduled for Sunday next week, so I have enough time to make my own… but I’d rather not. :slight_smile:

I’m creating a landscape one. Should be well done by next Sunday.

You rock. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see it to, though my first game is tuesday… I’m sure I’ll survive though. :slight_smile:
Here you go. Images are Public Domain, found on Telecanter’s blog.
Alex and others at Autarch,
Here’s the Publisher file:
You won’t get a preview, just download it. I used your ACKS GM Reference Tables.doc to compile the information, then massaged the table sizes and made them uniform in appearance and whatnot. Feel free to grab 'em and use em for what you like.
Mind if I make the .pdf public?

Just in time for my first game on Wednesday! Well done!

Nice work, matey. Thanks for sharing it. :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you.

Awesome. Thank you very much!

I printed your sheet on colored papaer, cut 'em up, and pasted them to the back of a cool old AD&D DM screen. It worked great! Thanks for compiling all that info. I didn’t need to look up anything tonight!

@luftmensch. Great picture. Lots of remembering how we used to play at a friends house … its been years since ive actually seen a screen up and a ashtray on the table

Thanks!. I hadn’t used a screen in years either, but I got tired of shuffling papers to find charts. The screen is more for reference than hiding notes.
And I think I’m the only nonsmoker at the table.

That’s really nice! You should thank Alex and the ACKS team for compiling the information, I just grabbed it off of the DM info .doc in the contributor downloads section.

I should note that the above links no longer work.
That’s v1.1

Does anyone have a version of the reference tables where the numbers on the Cleric Turning table are the same as those presented in the ACKS rulebook?

Are they different?

Yes, which is why the question was asked. The pdf reference table for Turning at Level 1 lists:
Skeleton 9+
Zombie 14+
Ghoul 19+

ACKS Rulebook (page 22) for Level 1 Turning lists:
Skeleton 10+
Zombie 13+
Ghoul 16+
Wight 19+

The two tables are completely different.

Those of us who were with us during the ACKS playtest will recall we made some late-term changes to the Turn Undead table. The table in the rulebook is correct. The table in the GM's Screen serves only to annoy me on a daily basis. :-(

The missile weapon ranges table also seems to indicate incorrect range penalties. It says that short range grants a +1 bonus, medium range no bonus, and long range a -1 penalty, but the book says short range is no bonus, medium is -2, and long is -5.

Hello everyone. I’ve made a 4-panel set of tables to serve as a GM screen for my personal games for use by anyone interested. Alex has kindly posted it in the downloads section. It’s all true to ACKS RAW with all the tables listing the page number from the core book. Feel free to use. It works great with the World’s Greatest Screen, available from Hammerdog Games (thanks again for making that item known to me Tavis).