Domain Creation and Overland Travel Rates

So, I’m embarking on trying to recreate a corner of my campaign world with the ACKS rules. I have some idea of the scale, but in terms of “these two places are about a day apart”. But looking through the most recent version of the ACKS rulebook, it’s not clear how far a day’s travel is. On page 94, there is a table that says what ft/turn translates into. It doesn’t say, without cross-referencing, how many miles men on foot or men on horseback can cover. It’s possible this might just be too cluttering, but is there room for a table for this sort of short-hand information?

Asaris, I’m not sure exactly what you are asking for, if its not the table on p92?
It’s hard to make a table simpler than that because terrain and encumbrance will come to bear.
For simplicity, un-encumbered men on foot move 120’ while most unencumbered horses move between 180’ and 240’. So, terrain aside, men on foot move 24 miles per day (4 hexes) while horses move 36 to 48 miles per day (6 to 8 hexes).
Another way to think about it is that a 3-mile league was historically the distance a man could walk in an hour. Given an 8 hour day, at 1 league per hour, a man can walk 24 miles (4 hexes).