Domain spreadsheet "missing hex"?

I’m trying to figure out the domain spreadsheet on page 57.

I don’t get how the 6-mile hexes add up. E.g. for Muntburg, it is ruling 1 personal domain hex, 8 border vassal hexes and 8 civilized hexes, but has a total of 18 hexes. For Adamas, it has 7 personal, + 18 + 18 + 22 + 22, for a total of 88 hexes. What is the extra hex? Does the settlement count as a hex?

(Also, the Total realm population appears to count urban settlement families doubled for Muntburg, Passara, Gloris and Fort Aster. Fort Aster also has some Border Tribunes that should probably be Civilized.)

Muntburg's Civilized Tribunes actually take up 2.3 6-mile hexes each. For simplicity I rounded the final realm sizes to full 6-mile hexes so Judges wouldn't feel like they had to mark out half-hexes on their maps..

    6-Mile 6-M Hex
    Hexes in Realm
Legate of Muntburg 1 700.0 18.0
Tribune (B) 2 0.0 4.0
Patrician (B) 6 0.0 0.5
Tribune ( C ) 4 35.0 2.3
Patrician ( C ) 7 20.0 0.3

You are correct about the Total Population values. Somehow I have an extra +J column in my spreadsheet. Good catch. I'll see if we can update before print-time. Thank you.

Ok, if I understand it correctly, one could say it’s the 7th civilized patrician of each civilized tribune, like this:

4 times:
Full hex: 1 (C) Tribune + 2 (C) Patrician
Full hex: 4 (C) Patrician
Partial hex: 1 (C) Patrician
(so 4 partial hexes making up the last full hex.)

I guess the “6-mile hexes in domain” entry for civilized tribune should be 0.5, not 1? I don’t know what the second number in your table is (700, 0, 0, 35, 20).

Thanks for being so open and straightforward with communication!

From this exchange I can take away that all the ACKS demographic numbers (including the randomly determined populations advice starting on pg60) are done assuming the land area of a 6 mile hex despite the maps being hexed at a 5 mile scale?

(I was hesitant to ask, just feeling so oppressively pendantic about even having the thought, but, these are the ACKS boards, where Harn players fear to tread)

The map is a 6-mile hex in the ACKS version.

Why do I have a sudden feeling that when I look in the PDF that won’t be the case?

You mean like the map on page 13 being labeled “1 Hex = 5 miles or 2 leagues”? :smiley:

I figured you were just trying to cover all your bases there by making hexes either 5 or 6 miles depending on reader preference.


The start of Chapter 4 (pg 51) does state 6 mile hexes; it’s just the label on the two hex maps not being updated.

My OCD daemon says they need rehexing but that’d break compatibility with the Map Book and Rob Conley’s work at matching the north edge up with Blackmarsh.