Domain statblock?

So I’m working out the information for one of the domains (the base for beginning play as it happens), and I realize that there isn’t a stat block for displaying the information needed for a domain. I was thinking how this information should be organized, what is relevant and what isn’t, and well, let me just post my example and you can see.
Name: Stonehold (border fortress)
Ruler: The World Weary Pilgrim (level 8 explorer)
Size: March (224 square miles/7 6-mile hexes)
Population: 875 families (4,375 people)
Domain Morale: +0
Stronghold Value: 210,000 g.p.
Revenue: 11,375 g.p. per month
Upkeep: 7,053 g.p. per month
1 Animal Trainer
2 Armorers (plus 4 journeymen and 8 apprentices)
140 light infantry
60 heavy infantry
40 light cavalry
50 bowmen
Merchandise Modifiers:
Grains, vegetables +1; Fish, preserved -1; Wood, common -3; Animals -2; Salt -1; Beer, ale -2; Oil, lamp -2; Textiles -1; Hide, furs -2; Tea, coffee +0; Metal, common -1; Meats, preserved -3; Cloth -1; Wine, spirits -3; Pottery -1; Tools -1; Armor, weapons +0; Dye and pigments +1; Glassware +0; Mounts +1; Monster parts -2; Wood, rare +0; Furs, rare -2; Metals, precious -1; Ivory +0; Spices +2; Porcelain, fine +0; Books, rare -3; Silk -2; Semiprecious stones -3; Gems -2.
(description goes here)
Some notes: I combined the revenue sources and expenses together. Festivals are assumed to be four per year and are amortized over the course of the year to get monthly expenses. Domain morale is just the Charisma modifier of the ruler; no other modifiers apply (there are four festivals per year, tithing, garrison costs are equal to what is needed, and etc.)
It isn’t perfect, but it’s relatively concise enough for the judge without a lot of the detail needed for a player who is ruling their own domain. If I am missing something that is crucial or otherwise, if there seems to be a better way to streamline the information, please let me know. Let’s work together!

I haven’t tackled it yet, but I agree it’s a problem we’ll all encounter as we start using the rules to construct domains. The first question I have (prior to a deep dive in the campaign sections) is whether there are any urban centers in WWP’s domain. I’m pretty interested in getting something together, so I’ll take a close look through the book.
I’ve been hoping to hear the Auran Gaz is underway, mostly to see how Alex handles recording the domain info as well. The only thing clunky is the trade modifiers; I think I was only tracking the major deltas.

The demographics of my setting only have one urban center, and it isn’t in this domain, so I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.