Domains At War: Complete Set

Does the Complete Set (on Drive Thru RPG) contain the Troops and Terrain PDF, or only just the Campaigns and Battles?

It isn’t that clear to me on the website. Thanks!

I purchased the complete set, and it came with pdfs of all the terrain and unit tokens.

This was explained in another thread:
It’s broken down there by Alex.

I bought the campaigns and battles book.  I thought it was the complete set...  How do I buy a copy of the map and tokens?  Also when is the terrain pack planned to be available for purchase?  Thank you

Unfortunately there is no separate physical product for the tokens and maps.

There is a separate PDF for sale called "Troops & Terrain" that has everything you're asking for, but you'll have to print it yourself.


Thank you !!  I would also like to obtain the battle map. How do I purchase it?

There's no way to purchase the battle map separately, sadly. 

If you have a copy of the game "Battlelore" or any of its various variant, the hex maps are nearly identical in size and you can use them with D@W.

Some time ago I'd produced myself a vinyl 1-inch hex mat via a sign printing service, for when a battlemat is warranted.  It's been durable so far; I additionally use a sheet of clear vinyl on top of it (available from fabric stores, generally) to actually do wet-erase markers on it, out of paranoia I think more than need.

It's likely that the PDF of the battlemat, if that's part of what's distributed, could be folded/spindled/mutilated to work with the service. 

I'd be happy to give that a shot and make the file available, but I can't guarantee the results. There's some limitations in color gradient - so the excellent grass texturing on that mat might not come out super-clearly. I also expect at the minimum I'd need to reverse the "grey hex" grid on that map to white to get it to stand out properly.

But, it'd be sized properly and more durable than paper.




Thank you !!  I would also like to obtain the battle map. How do I purchase it?


Most Office Depot/Office Max have a blue print printing service and can print the entire battle map fully on a 4' x3' in color for about 12 bucks.if you wanted it laminated it is $16