Domains at War Designer's Notes #2: Sieges

A new designer's note for Domains at War, explaining some of the thinking (and math!) behind the artillery damage, stronghold unit capacities, and structural hit points of fortifications.


Nice post. I like the fact that you’ve put some maths behind it too. Looking forward to seeing the full DW set. I can see it coming in very useful for when my game reaches 9th level.

I’m really looking forward to these articles. They’re not just interesting, but they’ve got great tips for how to mold the rules to fit ones own particular campaign.

Thanks for the feedback.

As an FYI, backers of the kickstarter are getting the complete drafts now. Domains at War Battles is 54,000 words and Domains at War Campaigns is 52,000 words -- these are big, finished drafts. So you can see the full set now, really, save for the final art and maps.



Thanks - We really do try to take the whole "every campaign is a law unto itself" thing seriously! Tavis wrote a great article about how ACKS and D@W are really "game systems" more than they are "games".