Domains at War Designer's Notes: Historical Reference Points

The new designer's note is posted!

Awesome! I love reading these. I was a bit confused by Tyre though: did you treat it as a city siege or a stronghold siege? It never occurred to me that someone might build a city inside of a stronghold, I assumed they would be two different entities (but I am by no definition a historian)

Awesome stuff, if you have the time keep posting this sort of thing. Very inspiring and interesting!

Very cool!


Speaking of which, you would not believe the pushback I’m getting from the mods at RPGGeek for trying to add D@W to the database. It’s pretty common thing to do with upcoming products, and I decided to do so before mentioning it in the forums. Apparently it’s got nothing to do with an RPG (It’s a wargame! That isn’t part of an RPG! Gross, icky! …okay, I made that last one up), in spite of specifically being a supplement for mass combat in ACKS games.

I guess they’ll have to remove the D&D Companion Set, the Castle Guide, the Advanced Player’s Handbook, half the Heavy Gear line, Cry Havoc, Battlesystem, Bloodstone Pass, the Bloodstone Wars, half the Jovian Chronicles line, Swords of the Iron Legion, Savage Worlds, Diaspora, Red Arrow-Black Shield, most of the Gear Krieg line, the Orcs of Thar, Rolemaster’s War Law, C&C’s Fields of Battle, GURPS Mass Combat, and Swords and Spells from the database.

Thanks for the heads up on that, Bob. I was just speaking with the head of ad sales at BoardGameGeek and he *recommended* we post the game there. I'll follow up with him directly.

All urban settlements are effectively strongholds for purposes of sieges. You just use urban settlement value instead of stronghold value.

Awesome, I'm feeling rather spoiled getting both Alesia and the siege of Tyre.