Domains at War: Illustrated Troop Counters

Hey folks, I thought I would post some images of the work in progress on the many troop counters that I am illustrating for the forthcoming ACKS Domains at War book.
There are quite a lot of variety of troop types and I am slogging through my units as we speak. Generally all the little figures will be really small on the printed counters (eight troops to a 2" x 1.3" stand) so now might be the only time to show off some of the details.
I am trying to strike a balance between a “general’s eye” view of the units (from behind of course) and big shapes that can be recognized and colored differentially for troop recognition.

I like…

Trying out some colors. Big and bold.
And a little handy trickery:

sweet! I can’t wait to see the war machines

where do i find the domains at war rules?

Domains of war can be found on the main autarch page once you’ve logged in you can go to contributer downloads and it’s there.
Hope that helps

it says page not found, is it just for the contributors on the first book?

It’s just for contributors on the first book, yes. Sorry for the confusion.

Oops, I didn’t know that. Sorry bud.

Coloring away. Almost all of the troop counters are done and getting two unit colors. Doing lots of referencing of the monster listings to get the humanoid skin-tones correct. I have to ask myself, who originally decided these things back in the day? There are just a lot of red-orange humanoids is all I am sayin’.
The thing about drawing counters that will be 2" x 1.3" is that it feels that the images will look kludgey and garish when you work on them at full size, but when you shrink them down they gotta be distinctive.
Drawing terrain now.

Terrain, Siege Weapons and Fortifications:

Nice! Thanks for all the hard work!