Domains at War Kickstarter is Launched!

The Kickstarter page is at


Kicktraq is currently projecting that it'll raise $79,695 but I'm sure that's just because all projects have a steep curve on their first few days of funding and then level off.

Best wishes for a successful funding and a question regarding hardcovers:

if I pldge at centurion Level and Bonus Goal 1 is reached do i simply tell you that i want the Hardcover instead of the two softcovers? do i have to pledge an additional amount? do i have to pledge anew? Do i simply tell you that i want to Switch from centurion to Senior centurion?


Been waiting for this for a while. Great to see it finally here!

I’ll second the first question above (in my case it’s assuming I pledge at the TRIBUNE level), and say that I wouldn’t be disappointed with both softcover and hardcover. I do have a couple questions about the add-ons and stretch goals, too:

Will the ACKS hardcover add-on be the re-print that includes the errata? Moreover, will it be printed via offset printing?

Have you considered stretch goals other than scenarios? While I love me some scenarios, I can think of other goals I’d like to see (additional varied counter-sheets, 2 play summary cardstock cheat-sheets, terrain “counters” for the battle maps, etc.).

I’m happy to repost these to the Kickstarter, if you’d prefer that.

We'll do a survey once rewards are ready to ship checking that people are getting everything they want, and taking additional payments if pledges don't cover it. Budgeting a Kickstarter is hard work - there are lots of variables in the way you might reach a funding goal that make it hard to know what print run size you'll be looking at - and bonus goals are a chance to punt this decision until there are more data. I'm hoping the hardcover price will be the same as the two softcovers so it will be a simple switch, but time will tell.

Yes, the ACKS hardcover will be the reprint with the errata - we're all out of the original printing, more or less! It'll be done offset by our usual printer, and may have stitched signatures for the binding (extra reinforcement for the spine).

I was just talking to Alex about some substitute bonus goals - or maybe even additional ones if we keep up the current pace! We'll probably open up that discussion in a weekly update. Would you be happy with additional counter-sheets if they were PDF only? The pricing (and packaging!) gets tricky if we promise additional cardstock sheets to all backers.

Terrain counters is definitely a good idea! Maybe the solution is to add a reward level and add-on that would let you get the printed versions of these and the additional units; the bonus goal would cover the design and give everyone the PDF, and then the option to add more to get it in print. 

The summary cheat-sheets are something we'll be doing as part of the army tracker - even if you don't get the vinyl sleeve to make 'em wipe-erase, we'll make the PDF of the summary sheets available and you could then print 'em on cardstock.

Excellent news, backed it and looking forward to the Aurelian Gazetter :slight_smile:

Backed via Paypal…

I’m in.

Even if I never attach it to a campaign I’ve got this strange idea to make it the battle resolution system for War of the Ring.

Ditto on all accounts.


All this ACKS stuff make me sad I missed the original ACKS KS.


How do you back this by PayPal? I’ll soon hopefully have some money in my PayPal account to use for this…

Centurion Malo Monkey, reporting for battle!

You can send PayPal to Be sure to follow up with an email explaining what the payment is for (i.e. list the rewards, add-ons, and international shipping if applicable). The main drawback is that you won't get the backer-only updates but I can send you the drafts by email (which is what's in the current backer-only update).

At last. I’m certainly in.

Great to hear it’ll be the reprint with the errata.

For bonus counters, PDF would not be what I was thinking of. Electronic versions can already be had/created fairly easily (I’ve done it myself before), but actual countersheets are bit beyond the average person; hence the attraction. I also think that for what is effectively a wargame Kickstarter (as opposed to an RPG Kickstarter), some physical stretch goals are important. This is the reason I mentioned something other than scenarios in the first place.

As for paying for physical copies as add-ons, it depends. I’d have to look at the actual value proposition to say yea or nay. I want to feel like I’m actually getting something I value as a reward for being part of your (hopefully) successful Kickstarter. Still, it seems like this (i.e. PDFs for all, pay for hard copies) is probably a pretty reasonable compromise if you haven’t already factored such costs into the Kickstarter.

Once I’ll have the money - within a week or two, hopefully - I’ll back it!

Backed by PayPal!

I have sent you the PayPal payment and the e-mail about the rewards on Saturday and still hasn’t gotten access to the playtest manuscripts…

Sorry about that! I'll try first as attachments and then again as links in case the attachment size kept it from going through before.

Got the files, thanks!