Domains at War print availability?

Hello, my friends. Is there an eta on the print version of DaW? Amazon lists “temporarily out of stock” and FRP Games had a listed date of today (until today - now they seem to have removed it from the page). I was unable to kickstart but would like to buy a copy as soon as it becomes available.

I’m investigating this and will get back to you!

I’m also interested in this, since it could be helpful for adding on to the combat section of naval rules, and my eyes don’t like looking at a computer screen for too long at a single sitting.

Small bump, just checking to see if there is an update?

We are waiting on proofs from LS and DTRPG to confirm that our print uploads are correct. As soon as those are finalized, we’ll be ready!

We also have received orders from Studio II for about 100 copies of Domains at War to go to retail stores. Those are being shipped.

The proofs are shipping! So we’re very close indeed.

You know I thought you were going with POD at Drive Thru but couldn’t find where I had read it.

Anyway thanks for the update. I reckon I’ll stop pestering you about it now. :stuck_out_tongue:


…so I have about a month or two before my reading time becomes entirely focused around siege warfare and ships. I’m already reading some (there’s an ancient copy of the Publications of the Navy Records Society that has some good technical data on artillery of the Armada period), but being able to riff off of the D@W rules with the naval stuff will help me avoid reinventing the wheel.