Domains at war shipping error

Sorry to have to bring this to the gaming forum, but I haven’t had a reply through the usual channels.

I backed Domains at War and have received all of the promised reward packages, with one error. Instead of the Battle Map, I have received the smaller and less generally useful wilderness map. The wilderness map is nice and all, but I pledged the extra $50 for the big vinyl battle map…

Hoping one of the Autarchs can reach out to me and help get this sorted out. I am Birthright on Kickstarter.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry that we haven’t gotten back to you. Tavis has been handling logistics and he’s been traveling to and from GenCon. I apologize that I didn’t jump in.

If you return the wilderness map to GameSalute, we’ll reimburse you for the shipping expense of the return and get you a big vinyl battle map sent your way ASAP!


Thank you for the prompt response, Alex. I’m wondering if my map actually came from gamesalute. It seems to have a return address in Sweeden and when I queried the original order from game salute, they knew nothing about the vinyl maps and their original shipping notification listed the maps and counters only (which I am pleased to arrive have arrived safe and sound along with the fantastic hardcover).

Just wondering how to proceed and I’m ok with mailing it back etc, but perhaps I should wait until Tavis is available to confirm exactly where I should mail the wilderness map back to?