Domains at War: Starting a Campaign


I’m a Domains at War Kickstarter backer (Battle and Campaign books). I would like to start a small Domains at War campaign so I may experience how the system plays as well as helping me learn the rules. In starting a campaign, I’m looking for information on setting up the maps, cities, etc. I understand how building and supplying armies takes gold, and that cities generate gold. However, I cannot seem to find tables that list all the city classes and the gold they generate. Likewise, I cannot seem to find what class of market a city may contain.

Specifically, the campaign book mentions terms like “Market Class” and “City Class”, but these terms do not seem to be defined or details provided. I feel like there is some other document or booklet that I’m missing to setup city economics to start a campaign. Can someone help direct me to the correct material?

Thank you,

You need the ACKs core rulebook for those terms and their definitions as it works in ACKs. If you’re using it in another system, you’ll want to use whatever information they provide for towns and their income.

As a quick summary, urban settlements generally provide between 1-4gp profit (ie: after expenses) to their controller for each family, where a family is assumed to be two adults and 3 children fulfilling various roles.

Ah, thank you. That clears up the mystery. I’m trying to add the ACKS core book and Player Companion PDFs to my Kickstarter. That should take care of what I need to put together a campaign.