Domains at War

Got the hardback in the mail yesterday with the counters.

Fantastic! Once again an A+ effort and execution by Autarch. I know it takes some extra time to get the books out because you keep adding material based on the Kickstarters - it’s totally worth it.

Really top notch, guys!

The back-and-forth that happens on the boards and adds to the product is one of the things that really makes Autarch stand out I think.

I got in with D@W, having just missed the PC Kickstart, and the acceptance of cool new ideas and the pace at which they were implemented was excellent.

Just going back through the archives of the forums you can see it happening with the PC and the Core book (both of which I will be continually mad about not knowing about at the time).

Thank you for the very kind words.

There’s no question that the iterative design process we go through with our backers definitely makes the products take a lot longer to develop, but it does make them a lot better!