Domains: Order of Operations

So, Sir Dochi the Monk is running his little monastery he just finished at the end of October. Now it’s the 1st of December, so he’s survived his first month as a Baron. What is the correct order of operations? I’m currently thinking the most realistic model is:

  1. Morale Roll (if season end)
  2. Growth: Based on decisions made last month, the number of new families that arrived over the course of the month is tallied.
  3. Decisions: Player may now invest in agriculture, raise taxes, shift the garrison, and pay for festivals
  4. Revenue: Based on GP-related decisions, coin is collected.

Placing Decisions after Growth but before Revenue means that the PC can declare tax changes immediately before collecting said taxes (In keeping with the spirit of every fantasy film ever, where peasants are always vaguely surprised to hear taxes have just increased) but must invest in growth a full month in advance, because it takes time to build roads and aqueducts.

I’m also considering placing Decisions ahead of growth, just so I don’t have to try to remember how much a player invested last month. (We can handwave this as peasants excitedly moving at the announcement that new settlement will have indoor plumbing, even if it hasn’t been built just yet.)

I would think 3&4 are interchangeable.