Domains Rules Questions + New World Campaign suggestions

These are a very simple questions but I want to make sure I have this right. Let me know if these statements are correct:

  1. I am building a realm which is 1 County includes 3 Marches, each of which contains 4 Baronies (12 total Baronies in the realm.) Including personal domains for the Count and 3 Marquis’, the number of actual domains is 16.

  2. The political boundaries of a realm may be well beyond its number of actual controlled hexes.

  3. The population density numbers assume average density of controlled hexes only.

  4. The above mentioned county would have 1 Village as its largest settlement and everything else would be tiny hamlets of less than 75 families each. However, each domain must maintain its own stronghold/garrison (making there 16 total strongholds in the county – the same as the number of domains.)

Lastly, I am working on a campaign setting that involves the colonization of a new world. The initial colonies (the above mentioned county) is well established enough to where I feel comfortable using the base ACKS demographics and rules – however, I am interested in your suggestions on modeling things such as small settlements and colonies in this sense. Or maybe even, some conjecturing on how being separated by an ocean from the mainland would effect standard ACKS rules for markets and domains or otherwise.

The ACKS model works well for this sandbox campaign I believe, because there are already rules in place for establishing colonies, securing hexes, etc. And I expect the adventurers will begin to do that, after launching expeditions into the new land to explore and gain treasure.

No thoughts, here? :slight_smile: Just trying to make sure my numbers are straight.

I’ve been thinking about trade modifiers and the whole “new world” theme. Specifically in regards to overseas trade with the “mainland” and long sea voyages to deliver goods. Does anyone have any thoughts on the math behind that? I’m assuming some resources (new or otherwise) from the new world would offer huge profits if successfully brought to the old world. And likewise, for tools and equipment coming from the old world to the new.

Hello! All of your points 1 to 4 are correct. Definitely on track.

With regard to trade with the "new world," what I'd recommend is that you roll up the demand modifiers for the "new world" separatel from the "old world," and *not* apply any trade routes between them. This will result in large differentials in the demand modifiers between the two regions.


Awesome, that’s just the kind of feedback I was looking for. Thanks!